Основная цель английского клуба-уметь свободно разговаривать на английском языке студентам из России и на русском языке иностранным студентам. Беседа будет проводиться только на двух языках. Если желаете попробовать свои силы или отточить навыки в разговорном английском-English Cafe для вас!

English Café at IATE

• The English Café at IATE is an unique English Speaking Club for all students of IATE. This is open for enthusiastic and studious students, even for beginners.

• The first and foremost aim of the club is to develop student’s public speaking ability among all the students. In general, most of the students are scared, feel inertia and get nervous to speak in front of people. We will try to create such ability to overcome all the barriers. Besides, for a successful global career we must have a good command in English, and should be an excellent speaker. So , this club will help to improve communicative skills and enrich your vocabularies. In addition, this club is formed by multinational and various dialect of English speaking people

• This is absolutely free of cost. Even we will offer some tea and coffee, it might be from different countries.

• There will very friendly atmosphere for all. It will be a convenient time for all students. Don’t be hesitate to take part whether you’re first year student or sixth year student. • The time table is very convenient and suitable for all . This club will be held on Monday to Friday at 12.30-13.15 and 14.10-14.55 during the break time.

• How will it function? That’s very interesting. At first will a watch video from TED , then we’ll provide new words. After that we start our conversation, where you can speak, give your opinions, share your ideas, argue and discuss about the video.

• Finally, an excellent opportunity to speak English more !

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