Moscow Business Toastmasters - Public Speaking Club


Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a senior executive, or an aspiring professional, Moscow Business Toastmasters offers a unique mix of speaking and leadership activities that can help you build confidence and the skills to succeed in the workplace. Our

We follow a traditional Toastmasters meeting format. It comprises:
● well-prepared speeches by crepe de la creme Toastmasters community
● Table Topics or impromptu speeches session
● evaluation session - every speaker receives feedback
● minor roles – Timer, Ah-counter, Grammarian, Thought/Joke of the Day
1. Become compelling public speaker. Members work through a series of educational programs (at their own pace) designed to improve their ability to write speeches, design presentations, and deliver them.
2. Improve confidence & leadership skills. Each role in a meetup is an opportunity to develop your confidence as a leader, from time management to facilitation skills. Speaking regularly in front of a group helps you calm your nerves and communicate effectively.
3. Receive valuable feedback . All speakers receive valuable advice from experienced evaluators and audience as a whole after each project you do on our stage. New members also get a personal mentor to support them with their early projects.
4. Boost your business or career prospects. Running company all-hands, motivating your teammates, making a sales pitch to a new client, conducting the interview or presenting information in a board meeting - we offer you a variety of mockups to improve yourself in a workplace.

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