Подиумная дискуссия на английском языке


Организаторы дискуссии: Центр изучения Иностранных языков ИвГУ, Молодёжный дискуссионный клуб города Иваново, ивановская группа международной молодежной Модели ООН.

  • The problem of fathers and sons today: youth in the eyes of adults

  • the questions we are going to touch upon:

  • - is the adults' vision of the youth today objective

  • - is the fathers-sons conflict solvable

  • - how to make adults trust the young more

  • - what is contemporary youth like

  • - is the problem international and global

  • is there such a problem

  • The young participants of the discussion will write an action plan addressed to aduts where they will set out their vision of these questions

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