Barcamp “National technological revolution 20.35”


On the 7-8th of November, 2019 Saint Petersburg is going to host a business and educational network of user-generated conferences Barcamp “National technological revolution 20.35” for the fourth time. The main topic of the event in 2019 is the discussion of a new export model and the support of export initiatives for technological and educational exchange between Russia and foreign partner countries.

The conference is focused on enhancing interaction and creating opportunities for matchmaking practices between Russian and foreign companies. This format will set the stage for further interaction: contract signing, strategic economic cooperation.
The event will bring together Institutes of development and organizations financing high-tech export projects from more than 20 countries. To build a dialogue the zone of international business meetings will be launched, providing the opportunity for matchmaking between foreign partners and Russian companies.
Events within the Barcamp 2019
• Plenary discussion “New Export Model: Global Trust Network”
• Zone of ​​international business meetings MatchMaking. More than 10 foreign organization inancing projects in more than 20 countries worldwide are available for negotiations.
• NTI Export Accelerator
• Export accelerator of the Moscow Export Centre created together with PwC
• Master classes about the experience of implementing the concept of NTI (TechNet, SafeNet) for the export of IT technologies through RUSSOFT offices in India and China
• An open meeting with Sergey Polyakov on the latest changes in the programs of the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises and the implementation of programs in 2019-2020
• Lecture by Pavel Luksha “Post-statehood: who will be the subjects in the Future World?”
• Expo-forum of products of high-tech companies (interactive exhibition)
• Technological sessions of projects for the largest state-owned companies and national champions (“export elevators” and platforms for piloting technologies and products)
• "NTI Section movement". Results of the competition "Competition of educational practices for NTI"
• Urban digital accelerator results and prospects - CDAv2. Competition results.
Every year, the barcamp becomes a platform where fundamentally new projects affecting the technological development of Russian regions are created and launched.  In 2016, the idea of ​​the first regional boiling point in St. Petersburg was implemented at the forum, followed by the launch of a network of regional boiling points throughout Russia. Now their number covers more than 30 regions of Russia and more than 450 thousand users. Among the achievements of 2017 - the large-scale hackathon “Collect University”, held in six cities of Russia; launch of the NTI University model “20.35” to train specialists for work in future NTI markets.
Official web-page is available by the link: #сеть

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