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“Staying current in a constantly changing IT environment"
Роберт П. Локард - ведущий специалист по кибербезопасности. В течение последних 20 лет он работает независимым консультантом по предоставлению услуг в сфере финансовой разведки и киберпреступности, специализируясь на оценке и обеспечении безопасности баз данных  от угроз как внешних, так и внутренних.
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There is one thing you can count on in life and that is change. The IT space is changing at breakneck speed, wait a six months, and you're dealing with an emerging technology, wait a year and you're behind. I've been fortunate to be surrounded by some of the most successful people in the industry who taught me the mindset and skills needed to stay current, stay in demand, and succeed. This talk will introduce you to the the strategies, tactics, and mindsets I've learned over the past 40 years.  Some are easy, some are difficult, and when done, it will help you stay relevant in the IT space for decades to come.

Rob Lockard is an Oracle ACE Director, recognized internationally for his work in securing databases systems and is the winner of the 2015 Oracle Developers Choice Award for database design. He is the author of the book “Oracle Database Application Security”, written with his co-author Osama Mustafa.

He is a Database administrator, designer, developer, and project manager. For over 40 years, Rob has specialized in Financial Intelligence, including tracking of money laundering, terrorist money and identity theft, Cyber Crimes tracking attacks on information systems, along with designing secure database systems. Within this focus, Rob evaluates, designs, and secures Oracle Database environment from threats both external and internal. Rob has long prioritized sharing his expertise with presentations at conferences around the world, blogging, webcasts, and speaking at universities.

Rob enjoys flying vintage aircraft, racing sailboats, photography, and technical diving. He owns and flies the “Spirit of Baltimore Hon,” a restored 1948 Ryan Navion, and lives in Glen Burnie Maryland on Marley Creek.


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