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Do communication and leadership skills matter to you?

Ever thought about learning how to speak in public without losing your senses?

Do you want to learn how to electrify the audience with powerful speeches?

Moscow Free Speakers Clubs (MFSC) is inviting you to its public speaking meetings. MFSC is the oldest club in Russia of Toastmasters International global community of skillful speakers and leaders (founded in 1989).

At its regular meetings MFSC offers a wide range of public speaking opportunities to everybody irrespective of race, sex, nationality and religion. The working language is English. Both members and guests are required to communicate in English in the course of a program.

Toastmasters clubs have the most elaborated educational system for improving your public speaking & leadership competencies. Whether you want to hone persuasive skills, learn to be influential or develop leadership skills, Toastmasters offers you 11 programs (called Paths) that you can choose from. This makes your education tailored specifically to your needs.



We follow a traditional Toastmasters meeting format. It comprises:

● well-prepared speeches of Toastmasters community members

● Table Topics or impromptu speeches session

● evaluation session - every speaker receives feedback

● expert roles – Timer, Ah-counter, Grammarian, Thought/Joke of the Day


1. Become compelling public speaker. Members work through a series of educational programs (at their own pace) designed to improve their ability to write speeches, design presentations, and deliver them.

2. Improve confidence & leadership skills. Each role in a meeting is an opportunity to develop your confidence as a leader, from time management to facilitation skills. Speaking regularly in front of a group helps you calm your nerves and communicate effectively.

3. Receive valuable & constructive feedback. All speakers receive valuable advice from experienced evaluators after each project you perform on stage. New members also get a personal mentor to support them with their early projects.

4. Boost your business or career prospects. Running company all-hands, motivating your teammates, making a sales pitch to a new client, conducting the interview or presenting information in a board meeting - we offer you a variety of mockups to improve yourself in a workplace.

Come join us on Monday, May 31st from 19.00 till 21.30