Unboxing Tesla AI Day: New Sincerity and No-message Communication

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Москва, Точка кипения - Коммуна

1 сентября 2021, с 18:30 до 20:00 по Московскому времени

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О мероприятии

In the absence of the message the medium is the message. Panelists with background in communication and social sciences from NUST MISIS are gathering to discuss how Tesla’s has become a new first in the industry by getting rid of its PR team and what it takes now to decipher Tesla’s messages even when the company does not seem to have any and has nothing to declare but its genius.

Together with the panelists the students of international masters programs from NUST MISIS will try to unpack the messages that the Tesla team sent into the wild during its recent AI Day presentation. Spoiler alert: running shoes manufacturers, rejoice!

Language of the event: English

Date: 1 September

Time: 18:30 -20:00



Москва, 2-й Донской проезд, д. 9, стр. 3


Пространство (большой зал-трансформер)


Пушкина Юлия Владимировна

+7 (917) 598 83 27

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