О мероприятии

International Quiz Night - an intellectual and entertaining event for NUST MISIS students. The event is held entirely in English, as it provides an additional opportunity for the development of friendly relations between local and foreign students of the university.

The topic of the Quiz is “How Gen Z are you?”. The Quiz has several rounds containing a wide variety of questions. The questions will relate to events, facts, stories, innovations in various fields of activity of the international community in a relaxed manner.

This Quiz involves the participation of 8 teams, each team has from 3 to 5 participants. This guarantees a pleasant pastime surrounded by like-minded people. After each round, all correct answers are summed up. At the end of the event, the winners of the game are awarded according to the overall results for all rounds.

Our event will allow not only to test erudition and logic but also to have an interesting and quality time.

Prove that your team is the best Gen Z! 



Шарикова Наталья Геннадьевна

+7 (903) 518 97 35

[email protected]

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