Toastbusters Club: Public Speaking Meeting

Коммуникация и выступления Личное профессиональное развитие

Москва, Точка кипения - Москва

14 февраля, с 19:00 до 21:30 по Московскому времени

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О мероприятии

Встреча клуба публичных выступлений Toastbusters на английском языке.

- Do communication and leadership skills matter to you?

- Ever thought about learning how to speak in public without losing your senses?

- Do you want to learn how to electrify the audience with powerful speeches?

Toastbusters Club is inviting you to its public speaking meetings which offer a wide range of public speaking opportunities to everybody irrespective of race, sex, nationality and religion. The working language is English.

Toastmasters is an International Community that has the most elaborated educational system for improving your public speaking & leadership competencies.

Whether you want to hone persuasive skills, learn to be influential or develop leadership skills, Toastmasters offers you 11 programs (called Paths) that you can choose from. This makes your education tailored specifically to your needs.


We follow a traditional Toastmasters meeting format. It comprises:

● well-prepared speeches of Toastmasters community members

● Table Topics or impromptu speeches session

● evaluation session - every speaker receives feedback

● expert roles – Timer, Ah-counter, Grammarian, Thought/Joke of the Day

Come join us on Wednesday. The meeting starts at 19.00 and lasts till 21.00

Guests are welcome from 19:00.



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